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PULP AND PRIMROSES Handmade paper workshop

April 30 2022, 10am to 12pm
SOTTO al British, Lungarno Guicciardini 115

A Saturday-morning hands-on introductory workshop, curated by 'Creative People in Florence', on the art of paper-making, using recycled paper, natural materials and dried flower details, with Oltrarno-based artisan Gigi Echevarria, from Gigetta Floral Slow Paper Studio. The focus? How to process materials to create interesting natural textures so that participants can start paper-making at home with artisanal techniques. Admission: 15 euro, materials included. To participate:

This event forms part of Oltrarno Gaze 2022, organised by British Institute of Florence and Il Palmerino Cultural Association, and made possible thanks to a grant by the Advancing Women Artists Legacy Fund.


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