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To support the association and its activities year round, we welcome old friends and new members who wish to become part of our community:

Our annual membership fee is 50 euros and allows members to take part in the association's events, to attend lectures live (and sometimes via streaming), and to be in the loop, with regards to our cultural initiatives, visits and multi-faceted programmes. Members receive our newsletter with all the latest updates and is provided with advance notice on Il Palmerino Cultural Association's availability for art and study residency programmes. They often receive a discounted rate on admission for for-pay activities and are invited to  organise a small private events in the association's venues and gardens, in accordance with our overall programme calendar.

We recommend new members read our Statute and share the organisation's mission.

To apply to be part of the association, please fill out this online form. It represents a request for admission. You will be notified of the outcome of your request, and following acceptance, you will be able to  pay your membership dues directly from the organisation's portal.


Application Form

Please tick the relevant option:
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