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Events and projects

In this section, we discuss events and projects carried out in tandem with other associations or institutional agencies present in Florence, Tuscany and further afield, with which Il Palmerino Cultural Association has created multi-faceted initiatives of social or cultural value. The opportunity to design and carry out projects in collaboration with highly esteemed external partners, such as private institutions working to support culture and philanthropy – including Advancing Women Artists, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio and the British Institute of Florence. We also benefit from the support of local agencies devoted to the public sphere – including the municipality of Florence and the Tuscan Regional Council.


Indeed, in recent years, our projects have gained greater scope, through City-supported programmes such as ‘Feel Florence’ and ‘Estate Fiorentina’ projects, whose funding and outreach have been paramount to the success of our joint endeavours. These partnerships have given rise to international seminars, exhibition cycles involving art conservation, research projects and publications, and other cultural opportunities including Il Palmerino’s Cultural Association’s participation in festivals or initiatives outside of Italy, where we showcase our artists or promote the literary, artistic and historic figures that have been a fundamental part of our history.

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