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Another side of Il Palmerino Cultural Association is led by the organisation’s president, Federica Parretti, who has devoted years of study to Early Childhood Development, conducting and mentoring research projects in the field of movement and multidisciplinary learning. She has developed projects, first with ‘Reggio Children Foundation’ and, more recently, with the municipalities of Modena and Sassuolo, as well as on an international scale. Within this context, Il Palmerino Cultural Association has spearheaded 3-year projects in schools, linked to the learning of other languages, through body movement. The project’s reference philosophy takes its cue from the fundamentals of Embodied Learning, which Vernon Lee termed ‘embodied cognition’. Her in-depth studies on this issue were unquestionably ahead of her time.

As Vernon Lee wrote in her 1913 introduction to The Beautiful, “Empathy is due not only to the movements which we are actually making in the course of shape-perception, to present movements with their various modes of speed, intensity and facility and their accompanying intentions; it is due at least as much to our accumulated and averaged past experience of movements of the same kind, also with their cognate various modes of speed, intensity, facility, and their accompanying intentions."                                                                                                                  

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