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Resident Artists and Scholars

How does our Residency Programme work?

Open year-round, our Residency Programme can be of varying lengths depending on each participant’s creative project and Il Palmerino’s availability. They can last from one week, to three months, or personalized. There are no particular preclusions concerning art work or scholarly research studied or produced during one’s residency, because the association believes in the heterogeneous and multi-disciplinary nature of knowledge and artistic media.

We offer support to our resident artists and scholars by providing information on where to find materials and how to establish contact with the Florentine art scene, or by organising presentations and internal discussions or events with other guests. We also help foster external events with the wider Florentine community, and often facilitate exhibitions and conferences at the end of one’s residency, or organise visits to other events or locations that are relevant to the research in progress.


Our artists and scholars have various accommodation options to choose from, based on their budget or preference. They can opt for either an apartment with a kitchen or an individual room with a private bathroom and shared kitchen. All expenses for utilities and weekly cleaning are included in the cost of the residency. A small additional fee is required for the use and clean-up of the large painting studio and our multi-purpose room, but some accommodations have private spaces suitable for working.

Each housing option has a table or large desk. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection, and other technological equipment are available. Residency cost, which varies by season and option selected, is inexpensive, far lower than the Florentine real estate market demands, which enables even young international artists and scholars to afford a period of research and study, as covered by their individual grants.

For more information


Artists and scholars are invited to send a query letter, with a short CV, a simple summary of their research or art production, and any special needs affecting your residency.

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