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Being an intern at Il Palmerino Cultural Association means being able to share the organisation’s guiding values and to actively collaborate in putting them into practice, though our goals and initiatives. Many interns help the organisation’s volunteers and guests in residence who lend their time to ‘man’ our exhibitions or welcome visitors on guided tours. Our volunteers often suggest side events, or help with home-made catering by preparing typical recipes for cultural exchanges. Community-building moments create very strong bonds that enable real integration with the place and its community. Within this context, our growing internship programme has always been vital to Il Palmerino.

Volontari e stagisti dell’associazione a


We accept interns keen on exploring the following areas of interest:


Social Media; Photography and film; Art exhibition organisation, Set-up and hospitality; Art history and literary research or data-base compilation; Movement and dance; Performing arts; Environmental sustainability; Communications and marketing.

How it works

Il Palmerino Cultural Association’s internship programme in Florence takes on one intern three times per year. Research interns agree to a 15-hour-week time commitment, when applying for the project. Each intern is individually paired with a mentor, i.e. either an organisation trustee or a volunteer professional in the arts, culture or media sectors, based in Florence. Mentors will provide interns with project assignments and guidance, and follow the progress and success of their endeavours.



Il Palmerino research interns are of all ages and walks of knowledge. University affiliation is possible but not required. A knowledge of Italian is preferred but not mandatory. Potential Interns should familiarise themselves with our website and its contents. We value interns who have a strong sense of purpose and responsibility, self awareness and clear communication skills. Over the years, our interns have contributed positively to something larger than themselves - as an integral part of a team - and they work independently at times in order to achieve team goals, yet they also welcome supervision, as they receive and provide constructive feedback. 

Internship perks

Upon completion of an intern’s project, Il Palmerino Cultural Association issues a certificate comprising a detailed list of interns' accomplishments. Interns will receive a Letter of Reference outlining their valued contributions and highlighting their personal abilities. They also receive year-long membership to the organisation and the chance to participate in all of the association’s activities at no cost. Occasionally, there may be unique situations in which a small financial honorarium can be offered to support an intern’s extended project. As a sign of gratitude, interns are gifted a copy of each publication co-published by the association. 


How to apply

Please fill out and submit our on-line application form. The form includes the submission of a CV (max. 2 pages). Once selected for phase-two of the application process, applicants sustain an interview, by phone, Zoom or in person.



Does Il Palmerino Cultural Association provide work or student visas to foreign nationals?

No. Our volunteer research programme falls within the three-month period allotted for tourist visas, which each participant acquires independently. At present, the association cannot provide or facilitate the attainment of work or study visas.


Are interns compensated?

No. Il Palmerino does not provide air-fare, in-country travel expenses, housing or monetary compensation for interns.


What if I want to extend my volunteer project?

Feasibility of programme extension will be evaluated on a time-by-time basis, and depend on the candidate’s proven commitment and the availability of mentors or staff involved.


Can I participate in the Il Palmerino volunteer programme, if I am not in Florence?

Participating from afar is possible, but the time commitment required of each volunteer does not vary for off-site participants. In this case, interns and mentors can communicate via the e-method of their choice. Please note, that during the application process, selection preference will be given to on-site candidates.

Internship form

Thanks for submitting!

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