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Sustainability & Nature

Life at Il Palmerino is characterised by choices that are respectful towards nature and guided by principles like sustainability and the careful administration of resources. The complex’s spaces and architecture have been restored using natural materials, such as lime and slaked lime, and its fixtures and decor include antiques or restored furnishings that are in harmony with the landscape and reflect the region’s traditional respect for the environment.

For example, Il Palmerino’s small new amphitheatre was built using discarded stones and pietra serena that were jutting out of the ground. In accordance with old-time practices, no cement was used in building the structure, which is modulated according to the hill’s varying slopes and existing plants. Similarly, when building a removable enclosure for the loggia, for use during winter months, we opted for vintage iron and glass panels that would otherwise have been destined for a landfill. The project resulted in a re-purposed ‘artefact’ which acquired new meaning, thanks to the process.  

During harvest, we revive old farming traditions that are steeped in age-old wisdom and founded upon the ‘good sense’ underpinning a circular economy. After separating our rubbish from our organic compost daily, we use an old-fashioned composting method to produce organic fertiliser. Additionally, to protect the quality of our oil, we use traps containing vinegar produced with grapes from our vines, to combat parasitic attacks on our trees. Il Palmerino produces cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil which is an excellent condiment when sampling fresh produce from the garden or preparing typical regional dishes to share. The fruit we pick seasonally in Il Palmerino’s orchard is also made into delicious jams and chutneys, the sale of which supports our association’s cultural and charitable initiative.

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