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 Artists at Il Palmerino

Il Palmerino has a tradition for art-in-the making, and its past visitors, particularly in the early 1900s, represented all fields of creative thought and action. Today, numerous artists have sojourned at Il Palmerino since our association’s founding in 2008. They have come to create art and to engage in a dialogue with Florence and its surrounding territories.

The Artists’ work with varying media, from painting and sculpture, to body art, collage, digital installations, multi-media works, music theatre and dance. Their stays often engender life-long artistic friendships. their passage and their research truly leave a trace in the history of the place, because each member of this artistic community also remains in our hearts, despite their departure.

Our gallery-of-sorts is 'in progress' -- and although the website provides but a sampling of souls, in many cases, the artists who sojourn here come back to us, over the years, as their art expands, changes and grows.  

Artists at Il Palmerino

Charlie Allen

Andrew Antoniou

Nancy Sandler Bass

Anthony Baus

Elizabeth Bisbing

Nicole Blau

Jared Boechler

Federico Busonero


​Helen Cammock

Richard Castellana 

Stephen Copland

Kamille Corry

Susan Duca

Anna Evans

Amy Friend Roberts

Ivory Fu

Paul Fusco

Patrick Gabler

Chapman Hamborg

Julie Hauer

Gisela Hirschmann

Jill Hooper

Virginie Houdet

Diana Ivanova

Wendy James & Howard Itzkowitz

Janet Jaffke

Lucia Kagramanyan

Rebecca King Hawkinson

Nicole Lalande

Monique Luijben

Jeannine Luke Kenworthy

Lucy May Schofield


Caterina Margherita

Irene Matson

Vera Manzi Schacht

Kelly Medford

Christa Meola

Trina Merry

Alyssa Monks

Judson Monroe

Kim Muller Thym

Sharon Okun

Ruth Palmer

Angeliki Papoulia

Molly Pardoe

Rachel Personett

Christopher Pierce

Lori Shorin

Daniel Solomon & Martha Ladly

Rea Stavropoulos

Guy Telemaque

Lorraine Thorne

David & Lynn Townsend

Ramon van der Ven

Donna Veverka & James Hull

Sandra & Susan Wakeen

Joe Wardwell

Alison Woolley

Elizabeth Wright

Anna Younger

Dale Zinkowski

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