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At Il Palmerino Cultural Association, we periodically organise celebrations and receptions of various kinds, which are triggered by fortuitous meetings in town or inspired by conversations with our international guests. We often respond to external requests, which are evaluated by our Advisory Committee on a case-by-case basis, to ensure affinity with the organisation’s mission.


Over the years, we have organised free-form events for other associations as well, by hosting their meetings, or have welcomed celebratory private events, such as the wedding of two of our members, who met in Florence and wanted to celebrate their union with a small party in the garden, or when we celebrated the post-doctoral degree of a student from the nearby European University, magically transforming Il Palmerino into ‘port’ of many languages. Guided tours of the garden often compliment poetry readings and literary events, and ‘tea and biscuits’ have become part of a popular ritual we enjoy, time and again, in any number of events.  

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