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Friends and members can support our projects, taking on one they particularly like, and following each phase of its development and implementation. Support offered will be acknowledged via name recognition on our website's 'Donors page'. Contributors will receive a receipt for their gift. For every donation over 500 euros, donors will also be given a limited edition work of art, created by an artist in residence that forms part of a collection inspired by Il Palmerino and its history.

This project is underway in the second and third quarter of 2022 

In Vernon Lee's Name

For details and presentation of the project, please visit What's On.

This 4-day micro-festival, to be held in late August, aims to create a cultural and artistic exchange and to involve the citizenry in processes linked to creating a theatrical and choreographic production. The event is centred around the work of Vernon Lee in order to foster a lively and creative intergenerational debate that is inter-disciplinary, international and contemporary, starting from her pacifist text ‘The Ballet of the Nations’ as well as other insights that have made her thinking famous and modern.

One of the most special elements of the programme is our commitment to involve performers under the age of 35, in the conception and realization of the project, in order for it to become an opportunity for professional enrichment. It will be further enhanced through the creation of communicative and technological devices. This aspect also positively impressed the Municipal Administration, which accepted our project by giving it 4,062.50 euros of funding out of a general budget of 6,250 euros. This represents artistic and promotional fees for the project, because all of its hospitality expenses (estimated at a value of 1,000 euro) were covered by our association.

Therefore, in order to be able to complete the project, we need your help; even a small contribution can help bridge this 2,200-euro gap and help us to carry out the event as planned. By helping us even from afar in this revival of the project that saw the creation of ‘The Ballet of the Nations’ years ago, you will be entitled to a special opportunity and be able to follow some of the important moments of these meetings. Furthermore, donors will continue to be involved in this cultural festival, with presentations dedicated to you.

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