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Resident artists and scholars

Il Palmerino Cultural Association hosts scholars, researchers and writers exploring various fields of study, and welcomes artists of every discipline, from painters, photographers and contemporary artists, to sculptors, musicians, dancers and choreographers. The spaces available are equipped to offer as many alternatives as possible, so that various  forms of creative and academic expression have room in which to co-exist and grow.

Group residencies

The chance to periodically host small groups has become an opportunity to create institutional synergies with other cultural and academic realities that are active in Florence in varied sectors. With Il Palmerino Cultural Association groups foster exhanges, hone their skills and explore contemporary issues.

The possibility of fostering contacts with Italian artists and scholars is strongly supported by the Association and its members to increase potential exchanges between the international and local communities during one’s residency programme.

Strong connections have always been forged between our guests, as they alternate moments of independent study or art production with conversation and events organised at Il Palmerino and other neighbouring venues. Friendships made at while in residency often continue to grow, long after our guests' departure from Florence, which has, ultimately produced impressive networks of knowledge and opportunity, worldwide.

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