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The House

The historic Villa Il Palmerino, in Florence, is nestled just below the famous Fiesole hills, where the Affrico stream gently meanders through the countryside. The oldest part of the property hosts what is now Residenza del Palmerino, whose foundations date back to 1400. This unique location has the same appeal for todays visitors as it did in centuries past, as a refined country house, that is close to the city and its conveniences, without giving up its vocation as a peaceful, quiet oasis, immersed in nature. The houses recent restoration by its current owners sought to recover its original architectural features, reclaiming traces of the past, such as a fresco believed to have been painted in the early fifteenth century.


Even the spaces of the farmhouse, once reserved for agricultural production, have been transformed into cozy domestic spaces that welcome visitors with genuine Florentine flair, creating a refined environment where guests can find their own creative space in which to think, study, write, rest or gather their thoughts.

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