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Dance by and with Alessandro Marzotto Levy

Music composed by Felis Oxiana

Realization by PHYSALIA

July 14, 2022 8:00 p.m.

Alchi-mina represents initial studies by dancer and choreographer Alessandro Marzotto Levy. In the garden spaces of Villa il Palmerino, he presents the beginning of a choreographic itinerary that intends to explore the invisible... that which is no longer here, connections and possibilities of communication with the other-than-here, commonly referred to as the Afterlife. The performance evolves according to a process of transmutation and explores moments of powerful transformation that shape life. In this sense, alchi-mina is understood as the material, exploration of the forces and forms of nature, in ways that are disruptive but spiritual.

Guided by a recent bereavement, the dancer is accompanied by the strength of the person who passed away, who was also a dancer, and he clashes with the harshness of life. Alchi-mina will find space as a residency project in which to organise a second studio-based project at the Villa il Palmerino's venues in September, and they will involve the work of set designer Jonathan Tegelaars.


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