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UN VOLTO E I SUOI SGUARDI inauguration April 18th at 6.30 p.m at Palmerino

The exhibition " Un viso e i suoi sguardi" organized by the Cultural Association Il Palmerino, highlights the studies of painters Olivia Arts, Quinlan Cooney, Ruby Frederickse, Marie von Dewitz, in their final year at the "Charles Cecil Studios" in Florence. The works on display were painted under the direction of Charles Cecil himself, using the "sight-size" method, or more precisely "sight-size to the scale of life."

The sight-size painting method requires the artist to position the canvas beside his subject and stand back so that he can observe both at the same time. Then the painter walks back to the canvas and paints the observed impressions, and then walks away again. The method thus requires incessant back and forth. Another key feature is the use of natural light from a north-facing window. Indeed, it is the changes in the quality of the sunlight that allows painters to render the rhythm of the composition and volumetric reality of the subjects. Photographs are never used for similar reasons, because like artificial light they flatten the image. The paintings produced in this way share the precious visual quality of the works of the old masters, Velázquez, Van Dyck and Rembrandt, and offer a freshness and naturalness impossible to achieve otherwise. The best portraits, moreover, manage to investigate and render in an equally spontaneous way, even the psychology of the model.

RVSP required at for the reception

the exibition will be open from the 18 April to the 1 May 2023 esclusion of the 20th afternoon for a private event.


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