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Ottoline Morrell

Ottoline Morrell (1873 - 1938) was a British noblewoman, who was a friend of the English group of intellectuals and artists who created the Bloomsbury group. Her patronage was influential in several artistic and intellectual circles, including the aforementioned. She was also a correspondent of Vernon Lee, who also served as a sort of mentor for her. In an 1899 letter to Lady Morrell, Vernon Lee wrote, “I have often had a little passing dream of trying to give you the benefit ... of my additional twenty years of reading, thinking, and in practical life. ... I can teach you infinitely less than any person at Oxford, but I think we might think things out together, which is sometimes quite as fruitful.” Ottoline first visited Il Palmerino in 1899 and would return several other times

when she was in Florence.


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