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Nicole Lalande


2017 / 2018

A free spirit who paints on the grass, barefoot and on tiptoe, almost as if dancing. Nicole was in Florence for an extended period of time, after graduating from the Angel Academy of Art. She then stayed at the school several years, as a drawing teacher. During this time, after having lived in the city centre, she was drawn to the Florentine countryside, which she painted both in winter and spring from many original, innovative points of view.

Nicole's natural reserve and individuality, includes artistic independence which has enabled her to express herself at Il Palmerino in complete freedom, respecting her own extended time-frame. The exhibition that concluded her residency was, in fact, called 'NO TIME'. The event would also mark her departure from Florence, as she moved on to other destinations.

In her own words

"My interest in plein air came from a genuine enjoyment of painting directly within nature and observing the beauty of the environment where I lived."


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