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Lucia Kagramanyan


February 2024

Farewell to Lucia Kagramanyan, one of the artists in residence here at Il Palmerino this month. Lucia currently attends the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and is completing her third degree program which will earn her a degree in the fine arts; following programs in economics and critical studies. She is a multimedia artist, and explores her creativity across many fields including conceptual art, photography and capture, archiving, sound, film, and radio. Lucia spent an erasmus year at the Academy of Fine Arts Florence and has since found herself returning to our city often

“Every time I return I feel like I’m coming home.” She says regarding Florence with gentleness. Beyond her appreciation, the city has affected her artistic style and her perception of art, feeling when she has studied here that the hunger and motivation of her peers and the rigorous routine she followed encouraged her success. Alongside her love for Italy, much of her art takes inspiration from her home country of Armenia, saying one of the most dominant themes in her work is her own reflections on her experiences with her culture. Her art has provided her a way of “Coming back home” through just personal expression. Lucia, while prideful of her background and the priority she has given it through her art (i.e. conceptual, and her NTS radio show on the subject), is also conscious of the need to express her individuality beyond it. Her identity is one which is multi-faceted –  artistically, linguistically, and internationally. 

We will miss you Lucia, come ‘home’ soon. 


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