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Ivory Fu



Ivory Fu is a 23 year old artist who graduated last spring from Yale University with degrees in biology (molecular, cellular, developmental) and visual art (painting and sculpture). Her artistic style is broadly figurative with elements of magical realism. Ivory likes to make art “for and about the people [she] love[s],” whether that be friends, family, or figures from Chinese cultural mythology. 2022 was her first time at Il Palmerino, and we hope to see her here again!

Working with the style of magic realism, the painting that is featured in this post incorporates figures from Buddhism mythology with elements from her own life. While here at Il Palmerino, she took advantage of the serenity and the freedom to create while having a community of like-minded artists, scholars, writers, etc. surrounding her. She also enjoyed taking walks to the city of Florence, as she draws inspiration for her portraiture from the Renaissance and contemporary life.

During her gap year before beginning her study of Medicine at Columbia University, she is spending time traveling, starting from Italy, going to Turkey and then continuing further East in search of her origins. We wish her the best in her career in whatever direction she turns but hope that she always manages to combine her artistic spirit with her expressive voice.


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