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Irene Forbes-Mosse

Irene Forbes-Mosse (1864-1946) was a German writer, poet, and translator.Born into a family of diplomats and writers (the granddaughter of Bettina and Achim von Arnim), in 1896, she married English Colonel John Forbes-Mosse in her second marriage and then moved with him to Florence, where she formed a strong friendship with Vernon Lee and began writing. From 1906 to 1918, she rented part of Villa del Palmerino, interspersing her Florentine sojourns with trips and stays in other countries. After the outbreak of World War I, she maintained a close correspondence with Vernon Lee, the two of them discussing war, peace, social engagement and feminism. Forbes-Mosse died shortly after the outbreak of World War II, but her books were banned in

Nazi Germany.

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