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From her youth she loved - multimedia itinerary in the garden with dance and videoart

the reservation is mandatory, free for the membership, 10 euro for no membership and reduction to 5 euro for young under 30 years old.

Silvia Giordano, author, choreographer and curator, specialises with an MA in Choreography from Codarts University and Fontys School of Performing Arts in the Netherlands and a PhD in Management and development of cultural heritage. Her language investigates the sphere of intuition in choreographic practice through the use of visual and sound scores. In 2020 she was selected as one of the three emerging choreographers at the Venice Dance Biennale with Tremendous Hop under the direction of Marie Chouinard, and in 2021 she received the Theodor Rawyler Prize for Fresh oranges into the ocean, from which her first short film, winner of numerous international awards, is also based. In opera, she has collaborated as a choreographer with numerous theatres including the Teatro Real in Madrid, La Fenice in Venice, the Opéra de Monte Carlo and the Guangzhou Opera House.

A journey between perception and vision inspired by the figure of Vernon Lee and the studies in aesthetic psychology carried out with his partner Clementine Anstruther Thomson. The research investigates the possibility of creating a perceptive and emotional journey in the form of a choreographic itinerary, bringing to the surface real ghosts and testimonies in the garden of Villa il Palmerino in Florence, which was the writer's residence from 1889 until her death.


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