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2017-18 / Bodies listen and learn new languages

Year 2017 – 2018

Experimental programme, Year 3

Familiarisation with the English language, a project for infant-toddler centres, in collaboration with the Municipality of Sassuolo (MO)

Mentors: Federica Parretti, Peter Byworth and Molly Pardoe for Il Palmerino Cultural Association

This project aims to continue the experimental programme Il Palmerino Cultural Association started in nursery schools in 2015, to boost an on-going awareness-raising process designed to explore the dynamics of constructivist interaction and determine how it affects children’s approach and exposure to other languages. The project has become an observatory of sorts in which all participants – children, educators and families – can participate in playtime in English, gaining newfound perspective by honing their listening skills and engaging in ‘hands-on’ experiences that foster a strong sense of empathy.

At the same time, it proposes a permanent training plan for educational service providers and institutions that goes beyond the meeting’s participants. The objective is to foster cultural development and nurture an integrated idea of educational community.

In this context, the goal was to create a group of specialists trained to use this approach among project partner members, such as the Domus Coop. The project’s young candidates were present and supported by trainers, who offered them ongoing mentoring.

This project was designed for children 24 to 36 months old and their parents. 25 children per section participated. The programme forsaw 101 hours of face-to-face activities and 20 hours of planning and documentation.


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