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Giovanni Cena

Giovanni Cena (1870-1917) was an Italian novelist and poet, editor of the prestigious magazine "La Nuova Antalogia." In 1902, he met Italian writer and poet Rina Faccio in Rome, fell in love with her, and then gave her the pseudonym "Sibilla Aleramo," a reference to the "land of Aleramo" evoked by Carducci. Cena encouraged Aleramo's literary career and shared with her and a group of other scholars a social commitment to the people of the Roman countryside. Fighting for the rehabilitation and literacy of the population, they opened schools in abandoned huts, churches, barns, and former railroads, fighting against the Roman landowners, who saw their own ability to exploit the population in danger.Schools were organized according to the needs of the inhabitants and their habits, ages and conditions, with modern and revolutionary programs and calendars. Cena and Aleramo were guests of Vernon

Lee for lunch at the Palmerino in 1903.


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