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Federico Busonero

Italy, Seattle Usa

2006 / 2008 / 2012 / 2017

Federico Busonero's Chestnut tree, Amiata

Federico, a Tuscan living in Washington State, came to Il Palmerino to get married in Italy, with his American wife, Arllys. A lovely dialogue has ensued, ever since we first learned that he is a professional photographer. In his work, he prefers subjects inspired by nature, rather than people and he even takes photographs underwater. Federico is an artisan of sorts who prefers analogic methods to digital photography, which is why he uses a precious, old Hasselblad camera. He can contemplate his subject for hours, studying variations of light and trying to capture the moment. He is faithful to the tradition of ‘the unique shot’, and committed to capturing an impression, giving rise to a deliberate artistic image.

His coming to Il Palmerino coincided with the establishment of our association and the first event we organised together was a photography workshop, involving renowned American photojournalist Paul Fusco of the Magnum Agency. Over the years, we have cultivated a beautiful friendship with Federico and Arllys. He involves us in his exhibitions in Italy and invites us to attend presentations of his poetry-filled publications that are unfailingly well developed. He always finds an opportunity to stay at Il Palmerino and meet the artists in residence. On our end, we invited him on a trip to Bulgaria for the Goat Milk Festival, which we attended with a small delegation of Il Palmerino artists, in the summer of 2012.

One of our latest collaborative projects has resulted in the creation of an artist's book whose subject is the land of Palestine, which he photographed on a commission by UNESCO. The book, which is a true work of art, brought together several personalities from myriad countries. It comprises a series of poems and photographs engaged in a dynamic dialog of mutual exchange that captures the impulses and reflections of a land tortured by conditions characterizing the human struggle.


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