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2015-16 / Bodies listen to new languages

Experimental programme, Year 2

Familiarising children with the sounds of the English language, a project infant-toddler centres in the Municipality of Sassuolo:

San Carlo, Il Parco and Sant’Agostino

Mentors: Federica Parretti, Peter Byworth and Molly Pardoe for Il Palmerino Cultural Association

Our constantly evolving society increasingly proposes ‘virtual movement’, performed while sitting in front of screens or monitors. It is also characterised by the continuous flow of the different habits, customs and languages, typical of a multi-ethnic reality. Never before has body language and movement been so relevant a communication tool or proved so indispensable to integration. It promotes ‘active’ learning, as children are invited to experience total interaction, which requires the participation of their whole being.

The immediate expressiveness of body language puts children, teachers and parents in contact with one another, which helps them overcome any obstacles that arise naturally among individuals from different cultures and countries. Yet, it is also a response to our presumed social and behavioural models, which, in reality, are continually changing.


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