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Lucy May Schofield



Lucy May Schofield is an artist and printmaker originally from Lincolnshire, UK who was in residence here during Fall 2022. She graduated in Print Media from the London College of Printing in 2002, after which she began creating artist books. She went on to live in Japan for two years, spending multiple periods staying and working in an artist residency in the foothills of Mt. Fuji. Lucy began to study paper making and was introduced to the Japanese Mokuhanga printing technique, studying under contemporary Japanese artists and masters. She also took part in residencies in Iceland, the USA, China, and Northumberland, which is a remote region of northern England bordering Scotland. There, she eventually settled. During these experiences and travels, she created performance installations that were in deep dialogue with the environment.

She has always been interested in the relationships she could establish between the places she visited, and this inspired her to explore (artistically) the changing seasons, particularly through the use of the printing technique of cyanotype. Starting from cyanotype, blue would become one of the main themes of her work, along with the documentation of time and light. Printing with organic materials is a tool that allows her to feel connected to nature and the seasons and to center herself in the present. At Il Palmerino, she investigated the relationship between the autumn colors of Florence and the Villa in relation to Japanese color theory.

Her work is the tangible manifestation of the integration of multiple different cultures in such a way that they merge together and benefit from one another in a true and powerful osmosis. Lucy is the medium through which this is actualized, her extraordinary artistic sensitivity distinguishing her residency as one that was, albeit short, significant, jointly realized in collaboration with the mindful support of Patrick Gabler.


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