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Patrick Gabler

Hamburg, Germany


Patrick Gabler is from Hamburg, Germany. As an artist, he engages with many different mediums, including printmaking using matrices of various materials, charcoal, and more. 2022 was his first time at Il Palmerino, but he had previously participated in other residencies in other parts of the world including, recently, Wales with his partner, Lucy May Schofield, who was also in residence here with him. Patrick graduated with a degree in Communication Design and now works partially as a graphic designer and spends the other part of the time pursuing other forms of art.

At Il Palmerino, alongside his geometric drawings, he worked on experimenting with color and on creating copper matrices – a new material for him – which he would print when he returned to Hamburg. Across his various forms of art, he depicts dynamic lines, circles, and floral subjects, the inspiration for some of which he drew from art or simply nature here in Florence. We are so happy that previous artist in residence Lorraine Thorne spoke to him about Il Palmerino!

Before his departure, he gave us three art books that he had produced previously. He told us about the genesis of these books that were so connected to his life and emotions. Together with him, we shared an appreciation for this precious art form that combines image and word, imaginaries of the soul. During the visit he and Lucy took to the il Bisonte art studio in Florence in the San Niccolò neighborhood, we were able to establish the first contacts for Patrick’s future visits!


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