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Trina Merry

New York, USA

2015 / 2016

A multimedia artist specialising in body painting, Trina works with bodies and their surfaces, making them disappear within the landscapes she observes, in order to become part of the surrounding environment. She works with the swiftness that distinguishes this generation, using immediacy and speed, as a means of expression. Trina's approach to the creative moment encompasses dexterity and skill and it is characterised by technology, self-determination and professionalism. Importanly, she shares a strong sense of empathy with her models who are very fond of her.

Trina, who was a resident at Il Palmerino twice, initially surveyed the region, visiting the places that most inspired her, whether iconic or unusual. She would then return, having found the models suitable for her timeless works. Art production would become true moments of quiet performance, and some installations were designed to have a built-in audience which provided other artists experimenting with the same unique artistic language the opportunity to see her work live.

Encouraged by the exhibitions on show during her residency at Il Palmerino, Trina was able to freely experiment with a new form of interaction, where she contemplated her own viewpoint and combined it with that of others. She found herself 'stepping into art', as she worked to redefine other artists' creative endevours, through the lens of her own current perspective. This enabled her to decontextualise different eras, moving beyond the architecture-based compositions she often produced, by accessing the pictorial realm, crafting works where the human body would literally become 'part of the painting'.

This new experimental technique has since become her forte, as she reinterprets many famous works and promotes them to a young, up-and-coming audience. When placed under the spotlight and presented as a theatrical performance-of-sorts, Trina's art becomes charged with the power of spectacle, as the artist takes on the role of actor, playing a character accessible in the virtual realm, where extremes can expand and manifest possibilities that would otherwise be unlikely.


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