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Ramon van der Ven

Amsterdam, Netherlands

2015 /2016 - 2020

Palmerino Courtyard, Ramon Van der Ven

Ramon's story at Il Palmerino is as impetuous as his painting, which is of great impact. He works with deep-seated intensity, capturing light and colours that materialise on his canvases with a charged energy that is both original and suggestive. Ramon was enchanted by Il Palmerino’s surroundings for several years. In Florence, he has produced a large number of works that are representative of certain historical moments; they also have a timelessness about them, however.

His connection to fellow-artist Judson Monroe, who extended the initial invitation to visit Il Palmerino was lighting fast, and they initially worked together, particularly in their first Florence phase. Ramon would later continue his work individually, and in partnership with art historian Monica Shenouda, who modelled for several of his works as well. During this productive period, Ramon exhibited in a memorable solo show at NIKI University Institute for Dutch Art History in Florence, and would later display his work, in a solo show, at Il Palmerino in 2016.

Some of Ramon's works have been acquired by collectors, including his rendition of Il Palmerino, which suggests the young artist of Nordic extraction has a Latin heart.


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