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Paul Fusco

USA, New York

2008 / 2009

In August 2008, thanks to photographer Federico Busonero, we organised an international photography workshop directed by Paul Fusco, from the prestigious Magnum Agency in New York. It saw the participation of Anne Sanciaud-Avanza (curator at the Bibliothèque Nazionale de France, in Paris), Andrea Ulivi (Edizioni della Meridiana and director of the Andrei Tarkovskij International Institute in Florence) and Federico Busonero himself, a Seattle resident with continued ties to his native Tuscany.

Given its complexity, the project needed to be promoted by an organisation that could receive the support of accredited institutions, professional studios and magazines. Thus, on July 25 of that year, Cultural Association Il Palmerino was formally established and registered with Italy's Internal Revenues Service.

Paul's arrival was a nice surprise. He was friendly, interested in the place and very helpful towards young participants as they showed him their portfolios. Even during dinner at a small trattoria nearby, he had the air of an old friend. With the consent of the Magnum Agency of New York, Paul Fusco presented his most famous photographic projects: RFK Funeral Train, Chernobyl Legacy, and AIDS at the Ambassador Hotel, San Francisco.

To our surprise and delight, Paul Fusco returned to Il Palmerino the following year, in 2009, for an intimate interview with Maurizio Naldini and Federico Busonero which drew a large, participatory audience. We remember Paul as being shy and reserved but never banal. His work with us, and the interview he gave, remain a highlight of the Il Palmerino experience. Paul Fusco, an honorary member of the association, passed away in July 2020.


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