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Nicole Blau

Usa, New York

2008 / 2010 / 2012

Nicole Blau Sunset at Palmerino

Nicole, a New Yorker with a Tuscan heart and a Jewish soul, holds, with her art deeply reflecting her experience, these three flames together and creative developing a very personal and original "signature".

She has been to the Palmerino several times, sharing with us initial moments of happiness and sadness and living our daily life as a family without ever being intrusive, but rather a supportive presence for our first period of artistic community.

With her profound knowledge of Italian and of our Florentine countryside, she managed to find very unexpected and poetic figures in the landscape around us. From the window of her room, the lights of dusk and dawn became variations of the same view, sometimes gentle sometimes dramatic, with the sign and the backlight animating other evocative images such as when the kiwi field takes on a spectral quality in the night moonlight.

Her exhibition: Scorci fiorentini, a solo show, was a gift of music, art and harmony that certainly inaugurated not only her production, but our artistic season, being one of the first exhibitions at the Palmerino art space.

Alessandro Cardia writes of her: "She listens to voices and noises, and manages to perceive their whispers, just as she observes colours and captures all their nuances. And she translates, marks the strokes, spreads the colour with immediacy and impetus".

From her words:

I feel a deep nostalgia for the Palmerino and for my time there, at home!


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