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La Voce del Male by and with Luca Scarlini

Presentation of the Vernon Lee novel: A wicked voice.

15 December 2022 at 7 p.m / colonica del Palmerino event in italian

follow by a celebration dinner RVSP obbligatory.

Vernon Lee, in her masterful research on the Italian 700s, masterfully uncovers and recounts the power and sweetness of the voice of castrati, whom Italian culture still ridiculed in the wake of Benedetto Marcello's and Parini's rebukes. A tale of the dark power of art, with engravings by the only castrato to have reached the time of the record: Alessandro Moreschi known as the Angel of Rome.

Journalist Luca Scarlini eclectic writer and performer of the 20th century originally interprets this fantastic "piece"!


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