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Jill Hooper

North Carolina, USA – London

2014 / 2018 / 2019

Jill has been to Il Palmerino several times, always joining her long-time friend, artist Kamille Corry. The two painters have shared many moments in their careers, whilst maintaining profound artistic differences. Jill has passionate artistic temperament that drives her to cultivate a myriad of expressive quests.

Her deep-seated sensitivity drives her to cultivate interpersonal relationships which are at the root of her strong identification with portraits and human depictions. In her own art, this quest becomes subdued through suspended botanical compositions or in her scenes featuring almost empty interiors, through which, she seems to find a reflective pause and renewed tranquillity.

Her visits are characterised by bursts of imagination and exuberant energy that give rise to dynamic and spontaneous opportunities and events, as she welcomes to Il Palmerino the many cosmopolitan friends she has in Florentine artistic circles, whose lives and stories intertwine.

An international artist recognised by critics as one of the exponents of Contemporary Realism, Jill knows no compromise when it comes to the discipline of painting, which starts with the study of drawing and morphs into pictorial works, created rigorously on site, never via photographs. She is attentive to the atmosphere in which she produces her works and is faithful to the 'live' creative moment, as she imprints her art with evocative signs and gestures.


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