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Janet Jaffke

USA and France


Janet was with us for 5 months in the Winter-Spring of 2020. Her painting punctuated her days with absolute determination and regularity, but she did not show the turmoil of the time she was living. She was living in an excile of sorts, in the middle of lockdown, far away from her family and unable to cross the border to return home.

Her works were charged with all the anguish and emotion, that she managed to transform into paint layers: the anxieties, fears and frustrations of the time would materialise, finding themselves in her works. She would only leave a glimpse of that last surface layer, the one that had been purified of all the tension and hesitation of creation – the layer Janet decided she wanted to be visible.

To be able to witness this very personal creative process characterised by Janet's unfailing committment was a form of catharsis for all of us and her reassuring presence enhanced the climate of mutual support that came to the fore during the height of the pandemic. The work that Janet gave to the Il Palmerino Cultural Association represents the essense of a series that will undoubtedly remain historic in her career as an artist.


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