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Giving words to the mutes: the Challenge of Art History, by Cristina Acidini

29 november 2022 at 6 p.m - Colonica del Palmerino

introduced by Maurizio Nardini.

Dott. Cristina Acidini, renowned art historian, present her talk for the new cycle of the association cultural programme 2022-23.

Since time immemorial, the oral or written word has been used to describe visual phenomena, with endless variations ranging from simple, illustrative speech (the ancient èkfrasis) to interpretive prose, rich in critical insights. One of the greatest art historians and critics of the twentieth century was Roberto Longhi, who lived in his last years in Florence where the Foundation in his name preserves his memory and materials, famous for his acumen as a connoisseur but also for His evocative and highly personal language. Examples of his prose, much imitated but actually inimitable, will be cited.


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