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documentary film screening -Tuesday 18 July at 9 p.m -final event of the Poetry in the City #9

final event of the Poetry in the City #9 Ultime Oscurità (Poetry in the City #9 Latest Darkness) festival, which is part of the Florentine Summer 2023 programme and which saw us collaborate with the Versiliadanza association in the various proposals linked to the main event, which was the staging of Vernon Lee's The Ballet of The Nations, last 21 June at the Cantieri Florida Theatre.

It was precisely in order to recount the genesis and production of this special collaboration desired first and foremost by the European project PIMo and by Sagas, a department of the University of Florence, which supported the production of this documentary video and which will be presented as an absolute preview at our venue on Tuesday 18 July at 9 p.m. at Il Palmerino, in the presence of the young group of authors and some of the protagonists of the performance!

During the festival, we were able to witness different declinations of this text, which is still so surprisingly topical. Its particularity and the possibility of infinite readings and interpretations meant that various working groups approached the subject and created transversal resonances. In a very lively creative process that does not end with this operation but is relaunched and proposed in a cinematographic guise.

This occasion will also be a chance to conclude a period of intense activity together and to toast a happy holiday!


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