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April 11th at 6,30 pm "Aperitivo with the Author"

Il Palmerino will hold a new ‘Aperitivo with the Author’ event in which Nicoletta Manetti and Giovanna Cecchi will present the book “Gertrude Stein e Alice B. Tolkas a Firenze”. The book examines the lives of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, American poets who spent time both in Florence and visited Il Palmerino during their lives together. The event will be in Italian and has limited spaces so please RSVP by emailing at

Nicoletta Manetti, a Florentine has practiced law for twenty-seven years; her novel Vico was a finalist at the awards: Holden 2017, Rive Gauche 2017 and Città di Arce 2020 . very active in anthologies of short stories and poetry collections she is also the author of another book for the publisher Pontecorboli on foreigners in Firenze about Anja e Dostoevskij.


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