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Daniel Solomon and Martha Ladly



We became friends with Daniel and his wife Martha Ladly immediately, and their presence at Il Palmerino has always been one of constant support. It is as if they have been around forever! They often return to engage in cultural endeavours and experience moments of artistic inspiration. Together, they have led us to enjoy many enriching cultural discoveries.

Daniel was involved in two very creative experiences with us, in which he conducted highly visual coloristic research, which culminated in an exhibition at Il Palmerino. The show coincided with the inauguration of our multipurpose room, which was ready to welcome his work, as we rang in the new artistic season. His brilliant art has also captured the heart of up-and-coming generations and has proved a stimulus for young people working at Il Palmerino, while he is in residence.

Martha, on her end, has a multifaceted nature. Her training and areas of interest range from music to photography and the sculptural arts. She also works with technology and new media at OCAD in Toronto, where Daniel has also taught. Martha immediately began helping organise cultural exchanges and creating educational opportunities at Il Palmerino, whilst leading their University education abroad programme in Florence.

These exchange opportunities have been key to their stay, and they continue to plan artistic and curatorial events with future collaborative initiatives in mind. Their colours, curiosity, and eclecticism inspires us.

In Daniel's words: "At Il Palmerino I take mind-photographs of nature, living it to the fullest. Then, I come home and turn my images into paintings!"


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