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"Con Anna – Al fianco delle Donne” talk and performance 16 May from 6 p.m to 9 p.m

The Il Palmerino Association of Florence, together with the Baldry family, invites you to an evening of reflection, discussion and entertainment at its premises

reservation and registration mandatory at

This meeting commemorates, on her birthday, Dr. Anna Costanza Baldry (1970-2019), a psychologist, psychotherapist, criminologist and university lecturer known in Italy and abroad for her research, publications and all-round work on the painful topic of gender-based violence and the prevention of mistreatment of women and children. In addition to the university, Anna Costanza has worked in anti-violence centres, in schools and for many institutions, including the United Nations, the OSCE, NATO, the Council of Europe, the Police, the Judiciary and the Department of Prison Administration. In 2015 she was inisignated Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic "For the professionalism and constancy with which she dedicates her research and her activity to combating violence against women". She was among the inspirers of Law No. 4 of 11 January 2018 (Amendments to the Civil Code, the Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure and other provisions in favour of orphans for domestic crimes, whom she called "special orphans")

6.15 p.m. Online and in presence

"At the side of women, because the freedom of one is the freedom of all"

Intervention by a former student and then colleague of Anna Costanza, Dr. Sonia Minati psychologist, psychotherapist with a humanistic and bioenergetic orientation, criminologist and expert in gender-based violence, coordinator and contact person for the AntiStalking desk "Anna" (in collaboration with the MinD Association), coordinator and lecturer for the 2liv Master's Course on gender-based violence and recidivism risk assessment at the Unicusano Telematic University.

8 p.m. Theatrical performance in presence in the garden theatre of the Palmerino.

JUDITH- Shakespeare's sister by and with Angela Burico

Monologue adapted from "A Room of One's Own" by Virginia Woolf.

The scene is a small domestic cross-section, the house in which women are historically confined but also "the room all to themselves", which Virginia Woolf hopes for every human being and which women have never historically possessed. A room for thought, reflection and creativity.

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