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Anthony Baus

New York, USA


Artist Anthony Baus and his wife Allison were residence at Il Palmerino for three months during a winter that felt closer to early spring. During his stay, Anthony was intent on reinventing Italian classicism from the 17th and 18th centuries, by creating whimsical but exacting works with suggestive architectural elements and mythological themes.Thanks to his determination and meticulous study of details, he was able to reconstruct not only an era, but reveal mythological stories brimming with symbols that are rooted in age-old pictorial tradition and full of inventive details.

Anthony recreated a tableau that was both philological and entirely new. He performed this exercise of notable style and skill, setting up his painting studio, with an easel by the window, a meditative spot, where he'd spend his days. It took a bit of nudging from Alison to leave his creative corner, as she encouraged him to seek the vibrancy of Florence.

Anthony's work took shape and was fully completed right before our eyes. Il Palmerino's friends and aficionados became a privileged audience to his beautiful preview presentation, supported by various step-by-step technical pieces, whereby Anthony was able to explain his sculptural values and training.

On the last day of his stay, he gifted Il Palmerino's Collection a sanguine portrait, which has become a lasting token of his stay with us. Upon his return to the States, the work he developed while in residence at Il Palmerino, would give him continued satisfaction and earn him multiple awards.


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