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Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici- La Parola di una donna per Firenze

Conferenza in italian

Saturday 18 Febraury 2023 5,30 pm Colonica del Palmerino - via del Palmerino 6


A wonderful occasion to remember The Electress Palatine on the anniversary of her death, just 280 years ago with her famous will she made the fortune of Florence. Powerful words from a woman with a vision beyond her time! It will also be an opportunity to open our 2023 subscription campaign and meet again after this short winter break, an informal aperitif will follow.

Domenico Savini is a genealogist and historian of Italian and European noble dynasties, he collaborates with specialized institutes in the field and with RAI. He has, in addition, edited various contributions on the historical families of Faenza on behalf of the city's Manfrediana Library. He teaches History of Great Families at the University for Adults in Faenza and routinely lectures on historical and heraldic topics in Italy and abroad.


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