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Publication: 'New Life' and 'Comedy' in the Anglo-American culture of 19th-century Florence

Henry Holiday's 'Dante and Beatrice' at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool

In Spring 2022, Dante scholars and aficionados will welcome the publication of the book 'New Life' and 'Comedy' in the Anglo-American culture of nineteenth-century Florence, edited by Serena Cenni and Elisa Bizzotto. The book features a collection of research essays, presented during the multi-faceted seminar 'Intarsi Danteschi', which Il Palmerino Cultural Association organised, in partnership with the Regional Council of Tuscany and The British Institute of Florence, under the patronage of the Gabinetto G.P. Vieusseux.

This publication represents the final leg of a journey that began in 2021, the year in which scholars worldwide commemorated the seven-hundredth anniversary of Dante Alighieri's death. For Il Palmerino it is an important milestone that marks the continuance of productive collaborative ties with these prestigious institutions. The conference and subsequent publication of its acts shed light on the important contributions of 15 scholars who participated in the event last October (2021); most were unable to attend in person, due to global travel limitations.

Yet, for the first time, conference participants researched Dante's influence on literary works by first-generation English and American Romantic poets. They also investigated how Dante inspired the visual arts, as in the case of turn-of-the-century Pre-Raphaelite painters. Lastly, these scholars discussed the implications of Dante translations and focused on collectors' who sought works by the Supreme Poet, in special editions of the day.

The publication is a collection of essays

presented at the 'Intarsi Danteschi' seminar in October 2021


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