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A day dedicated to roses

Rose-inspired events: ‘Vernon Lee’s mysterious rose and other roses of the Orient’, curated by Nicoletta Campanella, Nicla Editions

‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, wrote William Shakespeare. Whilst following a perfumed pathway amidst the flower beds of Il Palmerino’s garden, we will discuss ancient roses, especially Chinese roses, once prevalent in the dynasties of Asia. They were exported from the Far East to Europe, giving rise to modern hybrids. Author Nicoletta Campanella will accompany us on a journey that takes us from the origins of the East India Company to the court of Marie Antoinette in France... and beyond, up to the present day – spotlighting the fragrant and colourful roses that brighten our gardens. The whole day will be dedicated to this fragile but ‘tenacious’ flower, which is surprisingly resistant. In the morning, acclaimed designer Silvana Rava will hold a rose-petal watercolour workshop. Those joining us for breakfast will enjoy a special menu featuring special rose-based recipes.

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