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A new performance written and directed by Francesco Mancini

On July 20,22 audiences enjoyed the premiere of a new performance by Francesco Mancini based on his play 'Appago'. It was performed by three up-and-coming performers: Maddalena Amorini, Beatrice Ceccherini and Erika Trinchera.

The ensemble, which has recently perfected its acting training at Teatro della Pergola, competed their work with great success and intensity. In no way predictable, this work investigates the mechanisms of human salvation and damnation, through the stories of three prostitutes, ideally located in the three realms of Christian culture, Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise, making clear reference to Dante.

Once again, the setting of Il Palmerino’s small Amphitheatre was filled with a friendly audience who watched by candlelight and enjoyed a nice summertime buffet.


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