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Performance by a theatre group directed by Alessio Montagnani, loosely based on the Spoon River Anthology by Edgard Lee Masters. 4-6 July 2022.

Alessio Montagnani's work continues with Il Palmerino’s theatre group, and this performance pursues research aimed at completely involving both actor and spectator. This new production aims to reinterpret ‘The Spoon River Anthology’, a literary text by Edgard Lee Masters, published in 1915, from which the show is freely adapted.

‘The Spoon River Anthology’ is a collection of free-verse poems. In the form of an epitaph, each poem recounts the lives of the residents from the fictional town of Spoon River – named after a real-life river by the same name, which flows near Masters' native Lewistown – who are buried in the local cemetery. Masters' aim is to demystify the realities of a small rural American town. In this case, the director recreated monologues that alternatively emerge from the audience, evoking a surreal place populated by a handful of souls.


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