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CHAPLIN AND COSTA: Rediscovering Expat Women Painters in Tuscany

Eight authors contributed essays to this 2016 art catalogue which leads the reader on a literary journey that begins with the artists’ essential biographies. The book provides an up-close description of AWA’s restoration of Elisabeth Chaplin’s The Three Sisters and spotlights Il Palmerino Cultural Association's 2014 exhibition: Private Mythologies. Art historian Giovanna Giusti is curator of the Uffizi Gallery’s Nineteenth-century and Contemporary Arts Departments. Her essay provides an overview of specific paintings that Chaplin created from the 1920s to the 1940s, proposing several significant comparisons with Costa’s work.

Simonella Condemi discusses the ample collection of paintings and drawings that Chaplin bequeathed to the Pitti Palace’s Gallery of Modern Art upon her death in 1982. Dr. Condemi is currently the gallery’s director. Alessandra Griffo, vice-director of Palazzo Pitti’s Modern Art Gallery, at the time of writing, describes The Three Sisters’ symbolic meaning, while explaining the gallery’s decision to propose that particular work for restoration. An essay by Rossella Lari, a Florentine painting conservator, discusses technical aspects of The Three Sisters’ restoration. Marilena Mosco, an art historian, critic and executive for Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage, writes in detail about Costa as an artist, including her inspirations, background and preferred themes.


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