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Opening 5th May 2022 at 6.30 pm - Colonica di Villa il Palmerino via del Palmerino 6

Contemporary women artists and their historic counterparts

From Emergent Florentine painter Guenda Nocentini, to Venice Biennale veteran Silvia Fossati, painters, sculptors and poets from Florence and abroad create book art istallations in response to women artists of the past. Whimsical French painter Virginie Houdet responds to Violante Siries Cerroti's eyes for fashion andd finery. Sculptor Mimma Di Stefano stands in conversation her Etruscan ispired Maestro Amalia Ciardi Duprè. For British Greek artist Rea Stavropoulos, 'the Female Gaze meets Oltrarno Gaze' with a book-art installation ispired by 4 women from the 16th to the 20th centuries with a relationship with Florence and the Uffizi.

The Starting point for US bokk artist Lyall Harris and Brazil-born, Florence based Patricia Silva will be the multi-decade correspondence of twentieth-century painters Fillide Levasti and Leonetta Pieraccini Cecchi at Florence's Gabinetto Vieussieux and the Marucelliana Library. Leonetta a writer as well as an artist, will also ispire the installation of Florentine artist-architect Elena Barthel.

At 7pm on the 5th May and for the last event of the 5th June expect 'Stitching artists into history' a spoken-word live performance by Marisa Garreffa at il Palmerino's small amphitheatre, based on a call for writers.

For opening and ending reception RSVP is required at


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