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Morning on the Arno - Film presentation

Screening of the restored version 'Mattino sull’Arno', a documentary by Aldo Bacherini (1922-2017).

Presented by Pier-Antonio Gottardo

Aldo Bacherini, a historical resident of the Campo Marte district who used to live on the Via Lungo L'Affrico – not far from Il Palmerino – would have turned 100 years old this year. Together with his family, we’d like to honour him at our association by screening one of his most successful documentaries from the 1950s, ‘Mattino sull'Arno’, featuring a very young Giuliano Angeli who stands out among the actors. The 15-minute film has been restored for the occasion and transferred to digital format. It is a bucolic and realistic account of living along the banks of the Arno, on the outskirts of Florence, in ‘La Nave a Rovezzano’, where the great river greets the countryside. It spotlights rural living and its customs, standing on the border of ‘evolved’ Florence, which the director deliberately keeps in the background. During the film’s presentation, guests will have access to copies of a book compiled from his diary, published in 2011, with a revamped cover to celebrate this special anniversary.


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