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Lorraine Thorne

United Kingdom


Lorraine's residency at Il Palmerino was unforgettable: it was a very rainy early spring which meant that she worked inside her flat during most of her stay, spreading out on a large table, near the stained glass window. This position enabled her to develop a series of unique works which evokes that constant rain and explore the geometric influences of the stained glass window. This particular collection has continued to influence her artistic production over time, and the same is true of our large pine tree, whose foliage she depicts from below, triggering a feeling of quasi-vertigo.

The works she produced, inspired by evocative landscapes, were collected in an artist's book that Lorraine created during her stay, which she would later gift to us, to enrich our library dedicated to Vernon Lee.

In fact, Lorraine's ‘Notes on a landscape’, is not only inspired by views of Vernon Lee's garden and the nearby field, it also contains beautiful views she conjured in response to the writer's article "The lie of a land" which Lorraine read during her stay. When this evocative work was exhibited at the group exhibition ‘Coincidences’, Lorraine asked for us to set up a table on which to display it. We would never have believed that her book would be so special. It encapsulates her personality and reflects her reading, in harmony with the place. It also exemplifies her knowledge of and fusion with our great inspirer: Vernon Lee. Yet, above all, we were struck by the work's unique and original form, as a book and art object.

In her own words

"Beautiful, historical surroundings to inspire. This splendid isolation enabled me to develop my work. Engaging events and shared suppers. One of the best experiences of my life."


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