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Julie Hauer

Ile de la Reunion, France


Julie arrived eager for stimuli and with a desire to lay claim to the multi-faceted elements that coloured her Italian experience. She began by using her own expressive language to capture its hues and emotions, guided by the novelty of the place and the way the light would reflect in each environment. She then moved on to experiment with approaches that were very different from her works from other periods. Julie let herself be guided by the thread of emotions and perspectives that Florence evoked in her.

During Julie's stay, she experienced everything an extremely intense way. She embraced the creative process, interacting with others and with the environment, as she gave herself to the experience without reserve, uncovering the potential inherent in feelings of disorientation.

Julie did not shy away from the anxieties of the particular moment we were experiencing, as we faced the unknown of the pandemic. Ultimately, she chose to interrupt her Residency Programme and to return to her home country when the opportunity presented itself. Nevertheless, she produced a series of large-format works that she would further refine once Stateside. This body of works has already been presented in solo exhibitions in the Indian Ocean region and it has sparked considerable interest.

In her own words

"After my residency, I worked a lot and some of the works shown in Stellarium were created in Florence. My trip to the south of Italy inspired me a lot afterwards."


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