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From her youth she loved, a journey through perception and vision.

31 August 2022 / 6.30 pm and 7.30 p.m

Choreography by Silvia Giordano, dancer Ginevra Mazzoni

To complete this cycle dedicated to Vernon Lee, this first study will investigate the psychological sphere of unconscious intuition, guided by studies conducted by Vernon Lee and his friend Clementine Anstruther Thomson. A perceptive and emotional journey that the public will be able to experience in the form of a choreographic itinerary in the garden of Villa il Palmerino.

research is enhanced by the investigation carried out by Tomi-Ann Roberts of the psychology department and Tonja Olive of women's studies at Colorado College.

The partecipants need to have a smarthphone last generation with individual internet connection and personal earphones for follow the itinerary. The reservation to one of the two groups is required mandatory at or 00 39339 8944725

Silvia Giordano and Ginevra Mazzoni in rehearsal.


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